G Raghavendra Prasad

Development Officer

Authorised Officer for Agents Recruitment, Training & Business Development

Contact No: +91 9618634105

Support from our side

In order to encourage Agents LIC is conducting various competitions to their Agents from the Central Office, Zonal Office, Divisional Office Level both on Premium and Policies Count. Agents qualifying the above competitions are given attractive gifts.

Regular meetings are conducted in the Office by your Development Officer in order to review your performance both on Premium Count and Policies Count.

  • You will be trained on Need Based Selling techniques.
  • Your activities will be monitored regularly to insure that you achieve your desired target on time.

Regular Training Programs are conducted at our Training Centres by the internal faculty as well as external faculty.

Based on your performance you will be sent to Training Programs and Workshops conducted by some of the International Speakers who are having more than 3 Decades of experience in the Insurance Industry.